Discussion “Why we need theater”

In our new reality, we have a huge challenge – to heal ourselves. The idea of mental and social wellbeing is not a new thing. But it becomes critically demanded in the pandemic mode. The theater is our chance to identify ourselves as a member of uniting society and help us to heal ourselves.

We thrive to find the answers on how can we overcome this difficult period of pandemic transformation? Can we use the experience of ancient Greeks of healing traumas by ritualized storytelling, or “tragic performance”? Can we get this therapeutic effect by identifying with characters and experiencing vicarious pain and fear, and as Aristotle wrote, achieve “catharsis.”

Guests of discussions:

Eva Yakubovska – director, producer, and theater manager from Ukraine. In 2014 she co-created the independent theater Театр “Склад 2’0”.From 2016 CEO and the program director of the Ukrainian Theatre Festival Kit G. In 2019 co-created Catch a cat / Theater residence in Berlin.

Ewa ZembokDirector – curator of the Kutna Hora Performing Arts Festival, co-founder of the Theatre X10.

Kryštof Koláček – manager of Theatre X10, Co-founder of the Kutna Hora Performing Arts Festival

Olha Dovhan-LevytskaTheater – manager, product manager of Theatre Festival “Kit G” (Lviv), co-coordinator Catch a cat / Theater residence, theatre critic.

Second video from the online discussions “Common identities” & “Theater that heals us”.

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