Discussion “Common identity in theater”

With the closed borders, we understand how far away we are from each other. At the same moment, we are alone. We all need this emotional experience of life communication with another person next to us, which we could compare with the theater experience. Could we say, that in the theater space a long time ago we got our Common identities or we are just on our way now? What we could expect from the future, where people ofter speak about national identity instead of Common identities?

During the discussion, we are going to raise the significance of theater in creating personality. And will try to answer the question “Who we are and what our identity is?”


Eva Yakubovska – director, producer, and theater manager from Ukraine, program director of the Ukrainian Theatre Festival “Kit G”.

Ewa Zembok – director, curator of the Kutna Hora Performing Arts Festival, co-founder of the Theatre X10.

Kryštof Koláček – manager of Theatre X10, Co-founder of the Kutna Hora Performing Arts Festival.

Olha Dovhan-Levytska – theater manager, product manager of Theatre Festival “Kit G”, co-coordinator of theatre residency Catch a cat / Theater residence, theatre critic.

Bohdan Hrytsiuk – moderator of discussion, actor, project manager

First video from the online discussions “Common identities” & “Theater that heals us”.

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